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cynthia_harrell wrote in 20_morphers
Welcome to 20_morphers! We're a 20 fact community for the Power Rangers. Every era is welcome! You can claim anything, a person, a pairing, a threesome, a group, a team, a friendship, Rangers and non-Rangers alike! Once you've claimed, then write your 20 facts, be they real or be they imagined (but let's play nice and not bash anyone or anything, okay? What you hate, someone else could love and they deserve respect too!), and then post it here for all to see! It's just that easy!

All you have to do is tell me what you want to claim in a comment on this post and then get to work! Go for it! You know you want to!

Friendship Claims:
1. Kim Hart & Kat Hillard: cynthia_harrell

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cynthia_harrell wrote in 20_morphers
So, do you want to be affiliated with me? Just say the word and it's done!

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cynthia_harrell wrote in 20_morphers
So you're done! Yay! Or maybe you decided to quit...awww. Either way, tell me here! If you succeed, I'll put your name on the Hall of Fame, and I might even see if I can work up a snazzy little banner for you.


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